May 28, 2012

handful of sparks

Here are some of the sparks I'm tending/have started, and want to work on this week (in random order as befits the sparks that spit out from the fire in their own good time):

* harvest of good questions, striking metaphors, red threads, from the third/last elders-and-fellows gathering I participated in a few weeks ago
* and also some thoughts on design and dreaming
* a brief article I want to contribute to the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine textbook project on the orbital resonance of group process arts/participatory social technologies and naturopathic medicine principles of clinical practice (and now most recently, also, the meme-theme-biome of "thriving" per Anne and co - following and opening to and inviting the life force, and the perspectives and models developed by vitalistic medicine traditions throughout history and in the present)

Also wanting to pay more attention again to these connective tissue possibilities:
*mapping what's already happening, across disciplines and domains  
*connecting the myriad notes I've taken/gathered/hoarded over the past 10+ years ((is there a way to search for terms just in the tabs I've got open currently in my browser??))

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