February 6, 2013

transmutation time

some mini sparks:
maybe i'll get them to bloom into flame, if i feel them some time and some quiet air

spent a bunch of minutes sharpening some of the many colored pencils that I've been collecting from around the house, from dusty corners and under the furniture. what am i sharpening them for, i am curiously wondering?

kintsugi. http://whatacupoftea.blogspot.com/2012/06/mending-our-brokenness.html.
michael m mentioned having intuitively suggested a ritual smashing of pottery to his friend grieving her husband, and then did some research and found it was an indonesian funereal tradition. i in turn mentioned this art to him (having seen it pictured on connie's fb page recently), and he mused that maybe that can be a next step in the grief process...later, much later, i would guess.

this: mark morford 2013: The Year Women Abolish God
plus this: len wallick, planet waves: Your Mission: Changes of Venus and Mars "...theory was that the interval of irregularity, ending in 2060, corresponds to an era of when the relationship between women and men will be undergoing transmutation."
gives some rise to this: v-day, one billion rising:

cracks and fissures, mars and venus, gold and colors (colored drawing) (drawing together), rising, mending, culture healing, transmutation - now's the time (it's always been time) (and now is also time for me to go to work - so what is it i have been doing, then?)