February 25, 2012


Here is the dragon/snake swallowing its own tail - a living archetype carrying many meanings, including the circular dynamism of life and death and rebirth :: swallowing and digestion and metabolism of oppposites :: turning self inside out to find the whole universe ::

:: coming around full circle, lifting up and deepening into the full spiral ::

Welcome back to the webl world, us! xoxo


  1. :( Lost my comment.

    Welcome back to the webl world!

    I was just learning a bit the other day about the metabolic functions of the universe. I wish I understood it better so I could see how it relates to what you've shared here.


  2. oooo rrrrr lost comments, want them back!

    I was JUST thinking about metabolism this morning - contemplating the process of harvesting, and personally feeling that I've been harvesting a lot over the past year or 9 months. Then, it seems like the next step (or both going on at the same time) is to take in/imbibe/chew on what's been harvested. Then absorb it, assimilate it. Then metabolize it into new cells/tissues/organs/activities/expressions of my self and my life. Then share/seed what I've learned/metabolized so it will have new life in other ways and places.

    I would love to hear what you are learning about the metabolic functions of the universe!

    love, Christy